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     Delaware has some of the most desirable beaches in the North East and offers a really lovely family atmosphere. Time spent with family at the beach can be some of the best memories a family can have together. When deciding where to purchase a beach home, many variables should be considered. Delaware may be a bit farther but the positives outweigh the negatives and this should be an investment worth considering.

   My goal is to help my fellow Trusters make the best choice for your specific situation, in order to do that, look at the reasons Delaware is worth investing in.


Delaware boasts one of the lowest property in the country and by far the lowest in the North East.  A $300,000 home in Delaware, less than a mile to the ocean in Rehoboth Beach, has an annual property tax of $1,190 and an annual rental income of over $25,000.  A similar home on the Jersey Shore, the same price and rental income, has a property tax between 5,000-8,000 annually.  

Delaware has truly impressive rental incomes at the shore. 

Example of 3 listings in Rehoboth Beach that have the ability to pay themselves off:

                    Listing Price             Rental Income             Annual Property Taxes

Home 1         314,900                        26,000                         1,190

Home 2        1,200,000                     78,000                          1,652

Home 3        2,395,000                    145,000                           550


Delaware offers some marvelous beaches, some very secluded and some completely private.  There are Ocean Beaches with waves to ride and there are Bay Beaches that are very calm and relaxing for the little ones.  If you are looking for a place to Kayak or a place to surf, or if you are in need of a fishing hole or just a place to soak up some sun, Delaware has the perfect place for you.


Delaware is one of the nation's top retirement areas with a very reasonable cost of living largely in part to the low property tax and NO sales tax period.  Also, when family is coming to visit, where do you think the would prefer to visit? Of course, they would rather visit a close beach with so much to do without having to set foot in an airport.  


Properties at the Delaware Shore have appreciated very well over the last 40-50 years and the demand continues to rage on.  With rental capabilities, these homes can pay themselves off and potentially be the best investment you ever make.



Sales tax free shopping at the Rehoboth Outlets, well over a hundred amazing local restaurants with award winning chefs and locations,  water sports and rentable boats, jet skis, kayaks, paddle boards, beach lounging, fishing and crabbing, a 40 mile bike trail along some very scenic natural local trails, and so so so much more

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The center of the action at the Delaware Shore, Funland (RIDES & GAMES) The Boardwalk and amazing restaurants Night Life, fun for all ages


A community dating back hundreds of years rich in history with lovely beaches, a great walking and biking small town and a perfect place to retire 

Dewey Beach

The most rocking place at the Delaware Shore with a mile long strip that boasts some of the best bars in the region, very Dog friendly, best for adults 

Bethany Beach

Multiple Ocean Front Communities and some great fishing beaches, a low key boardwalk and a great family atmosphere 

Fenwick Island

The quietest of our beaches, Fenwick Island is the perfect area if serenity is in need and Ocean City, MD is right next door for any action you may need

Additional Beaches

There are some areas along the coast barely developed that have some of the most natural and untouched beaches


Adam took the time to help us learn the area before trying to sell us a home, he found us the perfect place and we couldn't be happier.

Meghan G.


Questions about Real Estate?

I want to help you no matter your situation to make the best investment for you and your future.  I'm a real estate expert that would love to answer any questions about real estate I can.  Call me, Text me, Email me, whatever's best for you

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