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Additional Beaches 

North of Lewes are a few small areas along the coast that would appeal to those looking for the splendor of nature as there are ecological refuges for bird migration and horseshoe crabs and all types of wildlife.  Slaughter Beach, Primehook Beach, and Broadkill Beach would be worth a look for those interested in viewing nature in its rawest form.  

These beaches are all bay and not ocean so the waves are very calm, these are great for fishing and dogs.  These areas can be buggy near the end of summer but in late spring, these are beaches where you can really have some true peace.  

Other towns in Southern Delaware that are less expensive and close to the beach would include Milton, Milford, Millsboro, and Georgetown.  These are all within a half-hour of the ocean and may interest some looking to purchase properties 150k and up.  Lewes to Fenwick, the price tag is a bit steeper. 

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