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Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is known for its small and more casual boardwalk full of quaint shops and nice beach eats.  The less well-known areas of Bethany are between Dewey and Bethany as there are about a dozen Ocean Front communities that are very exclusive and growing in popularity.  These communities are at most a block from the ocean and at best the ocean is your neighbor with amazing views and serenity on these private secluded beaches.  If relaxation is the goal, this is your paradise.  

Another great location in Bethany Beach is the Indian River Inlet, this is a fishing hotspot as the ocean and bay meet to create a perfect storm for fish to feed.  This area is spectacular at night and there is a fun venue (Big Chill Beach Club) open late for a burger and a drink before or after the beach.  This area is also a local surfer hangout as the waves can rip just right.  

While Bethany doesn't offer the same rental incomes, it also comes at a lower initial price as well.  This area is definitely worth exploring depending on your needs and desires. 

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