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Dewey Beach

Welcome to Dewey Beach, Delaware.   Home of some of the hottest Bars in the region and some very nice beaches as well.  The Starboard is perhaps the most popular in town but the Rusty Rudder, North Beach, and Bottle & Cork have some very rocking nights as well.   This town is as lively as there is between 10 pm-2 am and the days can be pretty rocking as well.  Live bands are going strong every night of the summer in one venue or another and there is always some crazy event happening at the Starboard.   

Dewey is the most dog-friendly place in the area and allows dogs on the beach with the purchase of a license (35$ for the lifetime of the pup) and without a license between 5:30 pm-9:30 am.  After 5:30 pm and before 9:30 am, the dogs are allowed off-leash but during the day in the summer, leashes are required.  Dewey has a weekly movie night on the beach and allows bonfires with a permit (easily obtained) making this one of the most fun places for Adults and their pups.

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