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Investing in Real Estate 

Building Equity for your Future

One of the most common ways to build wealth is through real estate.  Buying a home at the Delaware shore can cost very little with Seller Assistance and after renting the property during part of the summer, could cost very little annually.  Given the way homes have continued to appreciate, this could be a nest egg for you and your family.

The Time is Now

The biggest reason to purchase a home now is due to the extremely low-interest rates, historically this is perhaps the greatest time in our lives to borrow money.  Take a little time and play with a mortgage calculator (google it) and check out a 200,000 loan at 4% interest vs 5% interest vs 6% interest.  There is a real possibility we will never see rates this low again and this is an opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

Rental Income vs Property Tax

You will not find a location with a better rental income to property tax ratio anywhere in the USA.  It's mind-boggling the taxes people pay in some states with the exact same or lower rental incomes.  If this is strictly an investment, I don't believe you will find a better way to pay off a home on someone else's dime.

A Safe Investment

The stock market is up today and down tomorrow, the interest on bonds and savings is minuscule, looking for a sure thing?  Letting someone pay off a home for you is about as safe as it gets for investing, many have made fortunes in rental properties and this could be the only thing you need to get right for financial security down the road.


Every situation is very different and maybe this isn't the right move for you at this time.  If it isn't, I am not the kind of guy to push something on anyone.  I do however love to help my fellow Ricky Listeners and am happy to answer any questions I can about anything in Real estate.  Call me or Text me 302-864-8643

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